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Aquaglide Multisport 270 Supersport Inflatable HB Sailboat Sailing Rig & Hull Package

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Converts in minutes from sailboat to windsurfer, kayak or even a high performance towable.  Regardless of age, weight, or athletic ability, first-time users are off and away with ease. 

The Multisport can be used wherever there is water – lakes, rivers, oceans and ponds. Sails in very shallow waterways, and turns on a dime.

Compact, quick & easy to assemble, the Multisport hull is inflatable and can be assembled or stowed in less than 10 minutes.  Fits into the trunk of a car, on your boat, or even checks as airline luggage.

The Supersport is a performance stable sailboat for 1-2 people. Ideal for learning to sail or simply enjoying a warm summer day. It converts easily to a stable windsurfer, ideal for learning this exciting sport.

The Supersport offers compact storage, excellent stability and simple setup, plus Hardbottom (HB) in atable hull for outstanding performance and durability.

Designed around the sailing rig from the popular Multisport 270, the Supersport provides all the advantages Aquaglide customers have come to know and love, but with several distinct improvements resulting from our use of HB material.

Technologically advanced Hardbottom (HB) material can take very high internal pressures of up to 20 psi (1,4 bar). High pressure creates a very stable hull with minimal drag and excellent transfer of energy. In a sailboat these attributes translate to speed! This small sailboat is capable of reaching planning speeds, which means thrilling sailing for all ability levels.

In addition, the Supersport hull is reinforced with heavy duty DuratexTM material, making it incredibly tough and durable. Finally, the HB hull is a single piece with dual air chambers for safety, so there are no covers to t or bladders to align.

The Supersport is constructed with high quality, high density dropstitch material that is rated for pressures up to 20 psi. Dropstitch is made using thousands of 1000 denier polyester threads that are bonded to a special skin. High pressure in action makes the hull extremely rigid yet lightweight. It is then reinforced with layers of PVC for extra stifness and durability, and fitted with a diamond groove EVA deckpad.


  • Aquaglide Supersport HB Inflatable Hull 
  • Aquaglide Sailing Rig
  • Convenient roller storage/transport bag